First Cohort of Students Graduate

On Saturday 24th July 2010 twenty girls from the first cohort of students, supported by the charity, graduated from Addis Ababa University. 13 graduated in biology, 4 in mathematics, 1 in earth science, 1 in physics, and 1 in chemistry. Two of the graduates, Wzt. Almaz Ayalew BSc and Wzt. Beyenech Tadessa BSc, passed with a CGPA in excess of 3.00 and their success was recognised by the trustees by awarding each a small cash prize.

Mrs Berhane Stott, a trustee of the charity commented:-

"This graduation represents a significant milestone for the charity, as the girls are the first to come through our support programme. While we are happy to congratulate the successful graduates our thoughts are very much with the thirty girls, who entered the programme, but did not graduate. We will be co-ordinating with Registrar’s Department and the University Gender Office to identify the main causes of failure and to determine what the charity can do to improve the success rate."

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