Staff Changes at the Awash Bank

We have been advised that Ato Getaneh Tsegaye has been appointed as manager of the Arat Kilo Branch of the Awash International bank SC in succession to Ato Shiferaw Tolera. The Branch is the nearest private bank to the Arat Kilo campus of the Addis Ababa University and has handled the affairs of the charity since 2008.

Mr. Ronald Stott chairman of the board of trustees of EFSAF commented: "EFSAF has been very happy with its dealings with bank. In addition to handling the transfers of funds from the United Kingdom the bank has opened 122 student bank accounts for the grantees. The bank sent in teams of their staff to the University to process the account opening documentation. I had a meeting with Ato Getenah on Friday 12th July to apprise him of the graduation of the last five students in the programme and he was very happy to acknowledge their success. We wish Ato Getenah well in his new position."

CONTACT:- Mr Ron Stott 00251(0)114653989